Vegas update

Posted: May 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

So yeah, after one of those, “are you busy, I really just want to hear your voice” texts today, followed by more lamentation that we didn’t seal the deal, I replied that it was time to quit this whole shebang. She’s married, and I’m really not about to try and either have an affair with her or have her leave her husband and then marry her. I talked to my married homegirl about this and she said it was the only right thing to do. She also told me about how many dudes have let her know that if she ever leaves her husband, they’ll be on deck to marry her. I wonder how serious they are though. Like when I was a kid, my cat would do anything to kill a lizard. He’d stare at one through the window, go outside and stalk it for an hour, then finally kill it. Then he’d paw around with it for a minute or two, and it was off to the next fast-moving small animal. Life gets strange as you get older. I feel like if you were less of a natural sceptic than I am, it might be easy to become disillusioned.

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