How to eat that thing like a champ

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

My moustache, you likez it.

My moustache, you likez it.

From Livesteez:

Fellas, you didn’t think we were going to neglect to follow up on the previous article, did you?  Well we’ve put a little list together for you too. For some, this may be too amateur a list to read through. But if you’re that guy who will continuously lick the same area without variety, which, in some cases could produce the desired result of an orgasm. Or, the guy who’s simply returning the favor.  It’s best to, firstly, be remembered but also to be remembered as the man who “had me climbing the walls and gripping the sheets.” But if your girl ever rejects some oral action from you, you’re the ideal reader. Fellas, if you’re trying to orally impress a woman, these 10 tips should do just the trick.

1.) Get Involved – In order to peak her interest, you have to have to be thoughtful, women love to be romanced and enraptured.  Draw her a bath, light a few candles, play soft music and have her favorite wine ready. Remember, the combination   champagne, chocolate and strawberries are a natural aphrodisiac. Lotion her body and tease her with your touch. Move from her nipples to her navel, maybe tease her clit. Get her excited!

2.) Take your time – what you shouldn’t do, is dive right into jack rabbit mode with your tongue. This could, quite possibly, quickly kill all pleasurable sensation and prematurely end the session due to clitoral over stimulation. For starters, you want to take your time and kiss the erogenous zone the same way you would passionately kiss her lips and mouth.

3.) Pay attention – a woman’s anatomy is obviously very different from a man’s, but some of the same pleasure principles apply. Just like a man, a woman has a certain “spot” that is extremely sensitive and, when properly stimulated, can make her climax with quickness. But in order to make this an experience, try some other techniques like varying speed and pressure. To make her orgasm explosive, pay attention to what makes her back arch hips jerk and save it for later.

4.) Communicate – don’t forget women are creatures of emotion, so they need to feel connected to you in some way. Dirty talk is good. Tell her how she tastes and how much you love to please her. Tell her how she turns you on and how you’re going to make her climax. Oral play is a very intimate encounter, so make sure you maintain eye contact as well!

5.) Suck the cliioris- some tend to shy away from sucking much of anything. However, it’s best to get over this hang-up and open yourself to suck her clit. This is also a technique that’s going to take some easing into. In order to successfully perform this, she needs to be very well lubricated. Start off gently and give a soft suckle, and gradually suck a little harder and longer each time. A lot of woman like to play with the pain and pleasure threshold, so make sure you’re communicating with her enough to know if that’s something she’s into.

6.) Teasing is good – variety is key. Predictability is normally a turn off, so switch it up! Just when you get her good and hot, remove your mouth from her vagina and give her some time to recollect, you want her to want more. This is also a good moment for you to take a breather but keep her interested by nibbling on her nipples and neck. Grind on her and let her feel your excitement, but whatever you do, don’t give in because your task incomplete. This is her moment.

7.) Use your fingers – let your fingers be that icing on the cake, kind of like a special addition. While you can get your girl off with tongue tricks alone, take your time to introduce your fingers. Suck her nipples while you use your fingers to play with her clit, a lot women get off on their own finger strokes so pace yourself. If you consider yourself talented, try licking her clit and using a come hither stroke with your fingers inside her and playing with her nipples withy our free hand. That will definitely triple her pleasure and have her knees buckling in no time.

8.) Use a stiff tongue – woman love this move and it’s also an intro for the events to follow. Stiffen your tongue and push it into her vaginal opening. Make long stroking movements and, once again, use your fingers for clitoral stimulation. For optimal access you may have to push her thighs towards her chest, depending on the body type.

9.) Play with positions – flat position is obviously the easiest way access the vaginal region, but try and have her stand up against the wall and drape on leg over your shoulder. The 69 position is also great for optimum arousal, and can also jump start  the rest of the action.

10.) Don’t stop – when you start to get the feeling she’s about to climax, whatever you do, don’t stop! In fact, it’s best you quicken the pace a bit and keep doing exactly what your doing, don’t switch anything up orally! At most, squeeze her breasts and do a little nipple play. But you’ll know she’s about to explode when her hips start to jerk and her back arches, along with the heavy breathing. You know you’ve hit the spot when you get the emphatic “right there” and see some eye rolling. If you achieve all of the orgasm signs listed above, which cannot be faked, then you’ve officially rocked her world.

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