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You have one. In your diary. Maybe jotted in the margins of some self-help book you read. Perhaps jotted on the photocopied pages of that Steve Harvey guide you limewired and printed on your work computer. It’s the checklist of what a good man/woman has to have to be your mate. How tall do they have to be? DO they have to be good looking? REALLY good looking? Or just not so offensive to look at that babies cry in their presence? Do they need an advanced degree? What about a high paying jb? Do they have to be Christian? Or even super-Christian? What if they’re not that funny? Do they need a huge cock? big voluptuous tittays? Is it more important that they’re kind? Or do they need to be so motivated and ambitious, they’ll crush the skulls of puppies with their bare hands to get where they’re going? What’s on your checklist? And do you actually live by your checklist? Are you settling if your person doesn’t meet what’s on your list?

  1. tulani says:

    I don’t have a list written, maybe mental, but still not even sure that it is very complete…maybe I should write one? There are just so many other damn lists to write…

    Honestly I just wanted to write and let you know that the blog is looking awesomely awesome, I just caught up on a few posts while I should have been doing work, and they were very interesting…

    Well done dear..

  2. mshautecouture says:

    I used to have a check list… and then I grew up and realized that half the things I had on there were irrelevant. Now… my list is more like: is he Christian, is he smart, is he fiscally responsible, does he do drugs…. fin.

  3. Reina says:

    I don’t have a checklist. This doesn’t mean I just date anyone as I do have my preferences. There just isn’t a mental checklist being ticked off when I meet a guy.

  4. 05girl says:

    I was had a list I started when I started college. It had about 10-30 things to it and maybe for that first year or so I tried to add to it based on the guys I met. I tried to come up with something I learned about about the relationship – what I liked, what I didn’t like. But that list is long gone. The basics still live on in my head. I think some things I can compromise on, and some things are dealbreakers. If I give a dealbreaker a chance, somewhere deep inside I’ll feel like I settled.

  5. Honest
    Amazing in bed
    Good Father (Potential)
    Likes to Argue

    In no particular order…

  6. The Lioness says:

    #1- Great in bed (sorry but I’m of the belief that if the sex isn’t poppin then it’s not going to last. I mean I can get good conversation and emotional support from any male friend.)

    So after the first one, everything else is in some random order-lol.

    Ambitious- has a plan
    Good Sense of Humor
    Strong Overall- Physically, Mentally, Emotionally

  7. I have a list. It’s reasonable, I think. I don’t live by it, however, because it’s inevitable that you will be with someone who doesn’t check off every factor on the list. I’m not perfect, so I can’t expect him to either. But I can have some expectations.

    There are some non-negotiables on the list and some other things that in the end I guess I can do without. I don’t have materialistic things on my list like *Must drive a Benz or better or only wear Kenneth Cole shoes. That’s not realistc. I have learned to be specific though. You ask for a Christian, educated man with few to no kids. And you get that. But he’s also beating your ass. Ooops—forgot to put respectful, non-violent on the list. LOL.

  8. Felicia says:

    I don’t have a list but I have certain standards like….

    not gay
    preferably black
    taller than me (i’m 5″2)
    nice teeth
    not living at home with mom

  9. B. Collins says:

    The four L’s :
    Make me LAUGH
    LOVE me
    LOOK good
    LAY it down

    the end.

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