Racialicious, Rapealicious, Ragealicious

Posted: September 17, 2009 in Uncategorized
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You don’t have to listen to these people to know they’re worthless – all you have to do is look at them.


You cannot tell anything about a person from his skin color, despite what your mother may have told you.

before we all castrate these fellas, remember the initial outcry against the Duke Lacrosse team…best to hear the full story first.

What part of that story wasn’t full enough for you?

you’d think in the 21st century lynch mobs would cease to exist. quite unfortunate so many people are easily swayed by sensationalism and emotions rather than hard evidence.

“best to hear the full story first”

“What part of that story wasn’t full enough for you?”

The part where it didn’t happen

We’re not talking about a stripper with a tenuous grasp on reality. I doubt an 18 year old invited 5 guys over to a dorm bathroom and brought her own rope.

im telling you guys, it happens.
i know plenty of 18 yr olds who have the motto “the more, the merrier.”

no remorse in their eyes, none at all.
all Rapists all look like that. and, that sicko kidnapper of that 11 year old girl, too.
though one does look like the hispanic Jon Cryer.

They should be punished to the fullest extent and pay for the rest of their lives for what they did!

They should be made an example of so that no one else can get any ideas and think that they can get away with something like this!!!

To all people who think they can get away with doing something like this, think again…
You will lose everything and the law will punish you for the rest of your life.

Second of all, be warned : racist comment ahead “anyone notice that all these men are black?” coincidence? I think not!
It is just a fact: Different hormonal levels in certain populations and different sick mentalities about sex in the black culture: disrespectful, treated like an animal act with no love or compassion, knocking up woman left and right and letting the government pay for it..

No one will accept this “race card” anymore
You will be held accountable for your actions and
you must change this horrible sex culture
Show respect to one another, first and foremost!!!
When you knock someone up you must stay with the mother and provide for your child and not run off like a sick crazed lunatic!!

This rape, I believe is a direct extension of the sick black sex culture that exists today
This has GOT TO CHANGE guys..
people have been saying this about you guys for YEARS and you know its true
SO OWN UP TO IT and your people will be all the better for it
and society wont suffer anymore from this “jungle-lie sex ” behavior
Cant digest the words Ive used , TOUGH!
The truth is hard to handle!!!

I notice some racial overtones in your comment. How can that be? LMAO

“Brothers need to pull their pants up.” OBAMA

Nice try jackhole but none of these men are black. I know 3 of them. I went to highschool with them. They are ALL hispanics.


09/16/2009 12:07 PM

How does anyone question why racism exists, when crimes like this happen almost everyday ?

Mr. Reality

09/16/2009 12:04 PM

Somehow, someway a white man MUST get blamed for this. It is not enough to give these animals free education. It is not enough to feed them, clothe them and to pay for their bills. It is not enough that while they have children and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. The white man pays for every offspring that they make. The white man caused them to destroy their neighborhoods, make them inhabitable and causes all the crime. When will it finally be enough????? Wake up America.


  • 09/15/2009 10:55 AMHmm… look at the names of the suspects are any of these criminals white? You can take the animal out of the jungle but you can never take the jungle out of the animal. Where’s the DEATH PENALTY?

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09/15/2009 9:55 AM

I know that this is going to sound racist, but judging by the last names…….mmmmmm…..I don’t think it was consensual………guilty!

Hope all this was worth it, miss. I’m sure you’re real proud of yourself right now.

  1. Appalled to read these comments says:

    She lied about it all. How does that make each of you feel about your hateful, shameful, derogatory comments about these people who do not know personally?

    I really believe the saying, ‘Crabs in a barrel’ is true, because each of you were just waiting to tear these young men down based on their race and how they look. Does that really make you feel better about yourselves?

    Proper clothes and fancy education really does not give you class. Scrolling up to your comments, CLEARLY.

  2. Tunde says:

    i really despise women who falsely cry rape. its so hard for a man to get rid of that stigma once it has been placed on you. my line brother was falsely accused of rape while we were in school by a white chick. she eventually told the officers that she lied and the sex was consensual but she only got a slap on wrists. now there is this stigma on campus that the ques are rapists. no justice, i swear.

    in the hofstra case one of the kids was actually expelled from school. all of this before any evidence was found or any trial. if i were the boys i would definitely be suing the school as well as the girl and her parents. rape is so serious and its something that it hard to live down from even if you didn’t do it.

  3. Reina says:

    Wow. These comments made me see red. I had intentions to write a blog about this wench falsely crying rape. (I still might when my emotions level.) It takes an act of God & forever to convict a rapist and this girl lies? *spits*

    Moving on, I would love to look in the face of each of those commenters with a Lil’ Mama stance. Now what? The mofos who mention the last names as proof of their guilt would probably read my name on paper and think I’m a maid at the Marriott. Ignorance abounds.

  4. LadyA says:

    As if we needed more excuses to discredit the *real* victims of rape. To say nothing of the despicable comments.


  5. i love how everyone had a soapbox when they first found out about this lying little girl, but suddenly everyone who was screaming for the castration of those little boys suddenly has fallen mute.

    i think that is the greatest crime of all: the sensationalization of the whole situation. everyone has something to say about it, but what are you each doing individually to ensure something like that doesn’t happen close to home?

    i am the last person to try to limit someone’s sexual expression, but what was going on in this little girl’s mind where she thought screwing 2+ dudes, who weren’t her boyfriend, was a good look? who knows what has happened to her where she felt she needed that validation.

    what was going on in the boys’ minds that that was enticing and exciting to them? what did they feel like they needed to prove to each other, to the world? four friends of an older college student who apparently weren’t in school themselves….

    who is doing something to help these children. fuck what you think, they are still children and they need help.

    shame on everyone who wished harm upon those poor boys. i hope you were happy to learn that one boy had to be taken to protective custody while incarcerated, one was assaulted and hospitalized and tried to commit suicide while in the hospital.

    is that enough justice served for you witch hunters?

    the situation is wrong on sooo many levels and shame on those of you who threw stones so early on before all the evidence was collected and presented. recognize the world you live in and the malice and corruption that exists in the minds of men and women.

    breathe easy and think about how ready you’d be to crucify those boys if one were your brother, or son, or cousin. breathe easy and think before you crucify or pontificate on subjects you know nothing about.

    my prayers go out to all parties involved and to all of you who wished ill upon them.

  6. after re-reading your comments, i almost wanna stop reading one of my favorite blogs ’cause of the elitist ignorant bullshit y’all have spewed. ‘Raj, you know I love what you write, but some of your followers try my patience with their “holier-than-thou” tones…

    “looking @ the last names” made you recognize it couldn’t be consensual?



  7. I don’t know that she’s a “lying little girl.”

    I know she recanted.

    I don’t know if she recanted b/c it didn’t happen or b/c she didn’t want to deal with all that comes from a rape accusation.

    Sorry, but 1 girl and (possibly) 5 guys is RARELY fully consensual – it’s just much easier to brand the girl a freak an not address the fact that at some point we need to tell young men that certain behaviour is unacceptable whether someone “consents” or not.

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