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Posted: January 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So I wrote a comment on Belle’s blog and it was spun off much like the Cleveland show into its own entity. The subject was what men want in a relationship and why they stay/leave. An excerpt:

I usually don’t break out comments and such, but two posters just had an insightful exchange about yesterday’s post that I think is a turning point in the discussion. I think highlighting it is most appropriate.

From Brandon St. Randy (ie. Male POV):

Although the commentary here is interesting, a lot of it smacks of an innate distrust of the opposite gender. Women don’t trust men to be able to be the “manly man” provider/protector and and feel they have to hedge their bets against him potentially abandoning them/their family. Men don’t trust women to respect them as a man or let them play their “manly role” and there’s an undercurrent of fear that if their money gets funny, their woman will abandon them or try to emasculate them (Hence, the waiting until pockets are right to settle down mentality)….

Read the rest here: I imagine the commentary will get pretty good.

  1. Eb says:

    heading over to read it right now

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