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It all started with a cheap date

It all started with a cheap date

As I mentioned before, one of my favorite blogs is DABA girls, because in general, there’s nowhere else on the web you can get hardcore gold-diggers coming out to lament their state. The fact that they take this so seriously just makes it such a great read. However, every now and then, they get off their high horse of narcissism and leechery to provide some real tidbits of advice. Like this one, on cheap dates. If you read the last post, you pretty much can tell my position on getting to a woman’s heart by “putting it in the bag.” So here’s a couple less taxing ways. Can’t promise it’ll get you Claudia Jordan (the light skined chick in the video) but can’t promise you it won’t either. This is pretty NY-centric, so please feel free to aff what’s hot in your town. These are actually great for dudes to know, so in the spirit of Bougie Black Macking Week, have at it!

We decided to talk about affordable dating tips because just a season ago, a first date could easily run over $300. It would begin with a three course dinner at one of New York’s nicest restaurants, after-dinner drinks as a swanky lounge, and flowers delivered to your office desk the next day (in all likelihood arranged by your date’s administrative assistant). Being taken on such an extravagant date in the current economic climate is not only unrealistic, it would cause unnecessary financial stress for everyone involved – we spent as much (if not more) on our outfits for these pre-recession dates.  This doesn’t mean your dating life should now be reduced to watching a movie while sitting in someone’s living room joint kitchen joint bedroom.  New York is full of spots that are light on the wallet and heavy on romance.  And remember, above all, women appreciate it when men put effort into planning a date.  So don’t think of these dates as being “affordable” but as being “thoughtful.”

Here are all of the tips since some didn’t make the minute thirty segment.


Tip #1: Go BYOB

-Alcohol can really run up your tab at a restaurant, which is why BYOB is the way to go. Our personal favorite is Ivo and Lulus, located on Broome and Varick. Everything on the menu ranges from $12-$15, the duck pate is unmatched, the corkage fee non-existent, and the ambiance is romantic.  We also highly recommend Big Wong on Mott street in Chinatown, namely for their lobster with pan-fried noodles and lack of florescent lighting. Average dinner: $30 at either restaurant + wine ($12) = $43

DC no corkage fee list

Atlanta no corkage fee list

Tip #2: Take her for a ride

-Take the Staten Island Ferry around the Statue of Liberty. The ride is free and the view breathtaking. Although we don’t recommend bringing food on the trip, least your date get sea sick, packing a picnic for your final destination is a nice touch.   While we recognize the difficulty in pulling off a picnic in a non-cheesy fashion, we’re confident that as long as you don’t pack a basket full of heart shaped quiches, you can pull it off with your manhood intact. ($12) Bottle of wine + ($3) baguette + ($8) brie = $23

Tip #3: Give Her Some Sugar

–  As a former pastry sous-chef at Le Cirque, the creator of the dessert truck, Jerome Chang, knows better than to come between a woman and a sweet tooth craving.  The dessert truck serves fabulous desserts – all under $5. Our favorites are the warm chocolate bread pudding and vanilla crème brulee. Locating the dessert truck is half of the fun, but if you need some help you can check out his website,, for his whereabouts.  Often spotted near Washington Square Park, eating dessert by the fountain in the park will undoubtedly set the mood.  Warning: although you are likely to encounter live music by the fountain, don’t bank on it being violins.

Tip #4: Go on an trip

– If you have a whole day take the A train up to the Cloisters, which has a suggested donation of $20 per person.  Explore the museum and lounge around afterward in the garden.  Another great city escape is the funky and fun Mark Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn complete with pool, darts, and bingo on Wednesday nights. Beers are $3 and the menu includes pigs in a blanket for $5 and mac and cheese for $6.

Tip #5: Show Her a Secret Side of You

-Women love feeling privy to special information, hence our fondness for gossip and secrets. Introduce her to your favorite dive bar or neighborhood restaurant.  It’s not just a sandwich place, it’s your favorite sandwich at the deli your grandfather used to take your to.  We’re fond of New York mainstay Katz’s Deli, where you can sit at the When Harry Met Sally table and daydream with your date about how the two of you are going to recount the “how we met story” at your wedding.  Two Katz’s pastrami sandwiches ($15) + 2 root beer floats ($4) = $38

Tip #6

This is one of my own, but luxury hotels are great. You get all the ambience and service of a luxury hotel without having to pay an arm and a leg to stay there. Plus, you can spend hours just people watching, and since people who stay in hotes tend to be weird, it’s super fun. The Mandarin Oriental in DC has a live jazz singer on Saturdays and the drinks aren’t ridiculously priced. And they have a nice big private garden outside with benches where you can go make out when you’re all good and tipsy. The W New York is doing Summer Sundays where you can go and hang out in one of their Ridiculous Suites or whatever they call them) on Sunday if you’re on the list. Hopefully, the DJ’s better than last time I went. And any Ritz-Carlton will always do. Also, the Inter-Continental in Atlanta DOES NOT fuck around with their patron pours. I swear they poured half the bottle in my glass last time I was there.

Final Tip: Make a call

– If you really want to sweep her off her feet – call her the next day and tell her what a good time you had.  Note, we said call, not text or email!  Calling the next day instead of playing it cool and waiting 2 or 3 days will show her that you are confident.  Trust us, recession or no recession, women definitely respond to confidence. Phone call: $0

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s this kind of monkey shit that keeps black folks on the bottom of the economic totem pole. Seriously, the worst recession since the Great Depression, and you’re rapping about buying tacky bags and jewelry while some stereotypical light skinned video chick steals stuff? WHEN WILL YOU PEOPLE GET IT? And don’t get me wrong, I like Loso. That “Let the beat build” freestyle was hard: “Money talks, ni**a, and don’t nobody hear ya; Rims big, midgets use em for a body mirror.”But even Killa Cam came down with some recession reality:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I hope this Throw it in the Bag shit goes wood. I’m not hating: I just think this represents the worst not only in terms of the materialism that has been sold to black people, but in terms of the dating dynamic: Light skinned, blond haired girl + high-school educated trick = desirable relationship.

“Oh you got a man, you need a richer one” Get the fuck on!

In other ignorant hip-hop news, I love this shit: It reminds me of being smoked out watching Streets is Watching and eating ramen noodles back in college. The cousin reminds me of Devin the Dude too

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.