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Posted: August 11, 2009 in Uncategorized
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You have one. In your diary. Maybe jotted in the margins of some self-help book you read. Perhaps jotted on the photocopied pages of that Steve Harvey guide you limewired and printed on your work computer. It’s the checklist of what a good man/woman has to have to be your mate. How tall do they have to be? DO they have to be good looking? REALLY good looking? Or just not so offensive to look at that babies cry in their presence? Do they need an advanced degree? What about a high paying jb? Do they have to be Christian? Or even super-Christian? What if they’re not that funny? Do they need a huge cock? big voluptuous tittays? Is it more important that they’re kind? Or do they need to be so motivated and ambitious, they’ll crush the skulls of puppies with their bare hands to get where they’re going? What’s on your checklist? And do you actually live by your checklist? Are you settling if your person doesn’t meet what’s on your list?