Hi hater part deux: Confessions of a hater

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Nuh-uh. This is girls night out!

Nuh-uh. This is girl's night out!

So I was blog trolling and I stumbled upon an amazing blog. Ladies and Gentlemen, I offer you a rare glipmse into the mind of the enemy: The hater! It’s not often we get to actually openly explore the psyche of cockblockery, but here it is in its most naked form:

“It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with my girlfriend’s, because I absolutely do but at times, when we go out to a nice lounge, I don’t want to watch any of my girlfriend’s lose her sense of self when an “Alpha male” walks through the door. My mood takes a turn for the uncomfortable if there is any outlandish behavior being exhibited by one of the ladies. There is nothing that puts me off quicker than seeing one of the chica’s trolling for men….

All I am saying is that I would love to have some girlfriend time without some lounge lizard thinking he is going to get lucky that night with some hoo hoo action. Not with these ladies you’re not. So beat it. Scram. Move along lounge lizard. These seats are taken and no, we don’t care if you think you “know us from somewhere.” Puleeease.”

Read the rest here at Josie in the City (all rights reserved and stuff)

(I say most of what I say in this post here in jest. I’m sure the writer’s a lovely young woman and full of love and joy. Plus I lie highlighting other blogs I find interesting. I hope she doesn’t get mad at me.)

  1. josieinthecity says:

    Hi Brandon,

    Thank you for your feedback on Lounge Lizard. I appreciate your thoughts
    on it.

    After reading your feedback though I wanted you to know that the post
    ISN’T about hating the fact that some of my beautiful, wonderful
    girlfriend’s, who I dearly love, want to find someone special but IN the
    way they go about meeting someone and when they decide to do it, is the
    problem. There is definitely a time and place for meeting people and I’m
    ALL for that but if a girlfriend ONLY goes out with you (and I mean only)
    because she wants to hook up…..you have to start to wonder. Most of the
    women I know want to be in a committed relationship but sometimes, we as
    women, sabotage what we want. Checking our morals at the door as soon as
    we meet someone does not a relationship make but it may get us a one night
    stand, which is NOT what ANY of my girlfriends want (their words, not
    mine). Great girlfriends keep each other accountable and we are committed
    to each other’s happiness. You seem like a really decent guy who cared
    enough to set the record straight on your blog, thank you for enlightening
    us, but there are characters out there who are really crass about what
    they want and make no bones about telling a lady. Now THOSE are the
    lounge lizards I object too. I don’t make immediate assumptions about men.
    It becomes pretty obvious in the beginning whether they are going to be a
    yay or nay by their behavior and words.

    So, what makes me a great wing person is that I remind my girlfriends of
    their hearts desire. I remind them that there are plenty of people that
    just want a little “fun and tickle” for a moment but have no interest of
    doing a lifetime. I remind them that it is great to have a good time but
    if they are serious about finding a mate, they need to pay attention to
    the message they are putting out there.

    I’m sure that there are those who may read my post who may disagree with
    me but that is the name of the game. I value other peoples opinions and
    insights. That is what helps us, the writer, hone our craft – the love of
    the written word.

    Be well my brother!


  2. ebwriter says:

    Articulated very well!

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