8 Reasons to Date a White Woman (The Remix)

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The pic from the blog. Look at sad ass buddy in the back while Darth Whitey takes his woman. And probably his farmland too.

The following article written by one LaShaun Williams was posted on a website called Madame Noire yesterday. Like all the bad things in the world, this was brought to my attention by the twitter. Here’s the link (It doesn’t appear on the home page anymore, undoubtedly because of the response, and the front page of the article gives an error message but this still might work. )

Read Madame Noire article here


I am married to a Black man—dark-skinned, 100 percent cocoa. To me, there is nothing more physically beautiful on this earth. Notice I said physically. Outside of that, there are plenty of more financially, intellectually and emotionally stable options. It’s time to taste the unknown. There are just too many—too many bright and beautiful single Black women waiting for their Black prince charming, only to see more and more of them riding off with their porcelain-skinned beauties.

My question is what are you waiting for—a baby and no ring? Black men are obviously seeing a lot in others they like. As an open-minded woman, I can tell you from experience some things about white are right. In no particular order, here are the reasons you should be giving vanilla a chance.

1. They open wide instead of down low

Gay White men tend to be more forthcoming about their sexuality with family and friends. The down low phenomenon is less prevalent, which preserves the battery usage on your gaydar and relieves the stress of dissecting every male relationship.

2. Not looking for someone to take care of them

Thanks to the absence of family, fathers and marriage in the Black community, a great number of our men have backward expectations when it comes to romantic relationships. A higher percentage of White men come from stronger family structures and more traditional gender roles, where the men seek to care for the women.

3. Attend and graduate from college

Black women are graduating from college and Black men continue to drop out. As a result, degrees become intimidating when dating Black men. In White culture, education is valued and expected. Thus, White men have no problem dating educated women with advanced degrees. It is impressive rather than intimidating.

4. At least attempt to marry before making babies

For whatever reason, White men just don’t have children sprinkled all over the world like Black men. And, if they do, most of them were married to the mother at some point. Sure, they divorce but you can only divorce if you at least attempt a marriage.

5. They don’t glamourize ignorance

They may listen to rap music, but they are smart enough not to act it out. The “thug life” is not something to be aspired. White men have a firmer grasp on what really defines manhood.

6. Financial planning and stability

Black people, especially men, are always trying to shine—often spending more money than they have. White men tend to be more educated in the area of finance with a greater understanding of retirement planning, savings, investments, etc. This is mostly due to a higher level of exposure and teaching, but all that matters is they know and make better decisions than Black men when it comes to managing money.

7. Have the ability to look beyond your past

Ever wonder why White people can date the friends of exes and so on? It’s because they don’t let the past hinder the present. Promiscuous Black men think they deserve to settle down with virgins, and allow past relationships to haunt the present. Not White men. They have no problem turning a hoe into a housewife.

8. Don’t take everything as a challenge to their masculinity

Intimidation and insecurity are two reasons for the rift between Black men and women. As a result of their insecurities and low self-esteem, Black men are intimidated by the strength of an educated and ambitious Black woman. Rather than seeing her as a strong teammate, she is a threat to their manhood. Thus, they feel the need to overcompensate. White men, on the other hand, are more secure. What Black men see as threatening is what makes a great wife and business partner to them.

Fair enough. Everyone knows the negro male is a degenerate. Not worth anyone’s time, really. Fortunately for us, you black women ain’t shit either. Allow me to show you eight ways why White Women are clearly your superiors.

1. They open wide. And swallow

Unlike you non dick-sucking black women, the white woman will take cock to the face like a porn star. While you reserve your dry and toothy head for birthdays and anniversaries, she’s ready to slurp up that baby gravy on demand.

Ma, I been hugging the block...hustling rock..

2. They ain’t fat like y’all!

Erbody know all black women are fat. All of em. And if they ain’t fat now, they’re one donut away. Not like the nice white woman, who’s always in the gym, making sure to keep that ass curve free. Smelling like delicious pine-sol and granola chips. mmmhhhh.

Nice Svelte Norweigan Goddesses

3. They’re classy!

Unlike you ghetto trash, the white woman knows how to act in public. She’s genteel, kind, and not a criminal like you all. She doesn’t sit around smoking Newports and eating chicken boxes all day:

Shouts to LiLo

4. They love black people!

Unlike you ungrateful, self-loathing no good so and so’s, the white woman has a great big heart that seeks to heal divides and create peace. She would never do no shit like throwing acid on herself and saying a darkie did it

Um, the suspect? Black between 150 and 300 lbs. definitely black though. maybe 4'11"-7'3", in that range somewhere?

5. Their white male friends do too!

I love you porch mo...uh porch monsoons. I love porch monsoons. Except for those jewish ones. Don't much care for them

6. They go to Good White Schools for book learning!

Always tryna be liek the white woman and go to school. SMH

7. They ain’t Gold-diggers like y’all!

Always trying to take what little a brother has. A white woman would never date someone just cause they’re rich or an athlete, bless their pure hearts.

8. And most of all, they got nice pretty shapes!

Unlike you horrible black women with your big old butts

Ionno if that's a man or a woman, but I like it!

*If perhaps you’re a total idiot, I’ll note for you that this post is what we call sarcasm. Lookit. I don’t have a problem with black women dating outside the race. I don’t even have a problem with black women encouraging other black women to date outside the race. Do you. But why it seems like every proponent of interracial dating for black women seems to want to do it by denigrating and stereotyping black men is beyond me. No one needs you to justify your choices in love. Unless you yourself aren’t comfortable with them. If so, that’s your problem. But keep my mothafucking name out of your mouth while you’re doing it.

  1. Gator says:

    Her post is about as smart as “No Wedding, No Womb”

  2. HA! This post gave me a good laugh before I head off to work. Way to turn that around.

  3. MKRob Sports says:

    This was the worst post I’ve ever read. Black women are the greatest women on Earth. There are some women like the ones you describe in this post, but not ALL of them are like that.

  4. ListenToLeon says:

    This is HILARIOUS! I feel you though. People can date whomever they want, but when you lump black men on a whole together into some fucked-up, stereotypical package, it bothers me.

    Well, that said, I can’t lie…When I see a GORGEOUS black woman with some random-ass white guy, I tend to think one of these three things:

    1.) She must think he has money
    2.) Maybe she grew up around a bunch of white folks and that’s just her thing
    3.) I guess this guy actually has game or something, cause SHIT!

    Then again, that really has more to do with my inner player-hater than anything else LOL

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Richelle ReMona, M-Diddy, FAST by Ferracci, joilace, FAST by Ferracci and others. FAST by Ferracci said: 8 better reasons to date a white woman: (blog response to 8 reasons to date a white man. ) http://bit.ly/bw4KCS […]

  6. ” . . . why it seems like every proponent of interracial dating for black women seems to want to do it by denigrating and stereotyping black men is beyond me. No one needs you to justify your choices in love. Unless you yourself aren’t comfortable with them. If so, that’s your problem.”


    The other article seems to be an intentional shit-starter, so I really wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  7. La says:

    LMFAO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Omg. Cannot. Stop. Laughing. LOL The pictures though? *tears*

  8. BryneenGary says:

    Are you sure The article was written by a Black Woman forreal ?
    Also, you look just as stoopid as the person who wrote that
    You let one ignorant person get to you but when the economy fell
    off, people didn’t use that much more energy.

    As you can see, it was done on purpose
    Just to get an reaction to put down Black Women
    and you fell for it Womp Womp

    From a bright sista
    Bryneen Gary

    • faraji13 says:

      Hi. Reading is fundamental. It pains me to have to point out that this article was written completely sarcastically. In fact, I had to put a disclaimer on the bottom to note that. You’re the second person who’s thought that this was in any way serious and not merely an attempt to lampoon the original article by showing how idiotic the converse would be. This is why Norway and Curacao are beating us in education. Because you’re what goes for bright in this country.

      • RCF says:

        You can’t help em all, Raj. I bet some people looked at the pictures, saw the paragraph disclaimer at the end and skipped it because it seemed like too much reading. Don’t worry, they’re getting outsourced.

        Read book you illiterate asses…and look up sarcasm in the dictionary.

      • BryneenGary says:

        Comparing Black Men and White men
        is not a beautiful thing.

        No Man is better than the other.

        I’m bright because i don’t have to engage in
        sex wars, race wars or put anybody
        down just to make a valid point.

        I’m soory this Country is the weakest of all
        i wasn’t here years and years ago when ppl
        had the Power then to keep things up.

        Whatever you do for sarcasm is your Business
        But like i said, you feel for the Bullsh*t
        Have a nice day

        From a person who os planning to get the h3ll
        out of America one day

      • harriet says:

        BryneenGary said “From a person who os planning to get the h3ll
        out of America one day”

        No time like the present! LMAO

        Dear Lord, this is the state of education in America today.

    • miko says:

      *blink blink*


  9. The Rain says:

    I love seeing black women set themselves on fire and think black men will get burned.Proof once again that they are too emotional to lead very little.

  10. BryneenGary says:

    oh shoot
    i had some errors on here
    I’m gonna get condemned for that
    oh wow, these ppl are gonna crucify me
    for a couple miss spelled words
    OMG becky my life is so about to end

    Seriously, i think America is the only Country
    who go out and buy trash instead of
    putting it in the dumpster.

  11. BryneenGary says:

    8 reason to leave America

    1. it’s racist
    2. its sexist
    3. it’s a crime to be a single Black Woman
    4. it’s okay to sell your soul for the riches of the world
    5. you can;t be yourself or you’ll be condemned
    6. you have to be perfect
    7. they have student loans instead of real scholarships
    8. and they have blogs like this that praises ignorance

  12. ebwriter says:

    Love this post! Too FUNNY!

  13. Janna says:

    I don’t know what this is in response to, but I think it’s hilarious. Good job.

  14. ME says:

    I am a black girl and I think this is FUCKING FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i don’t think people need to be told who to date and secondly judging people based on their race rather than who they are individually is racism!!!!!!! and hey I won’t stop going to university to do my book learning like the white girl!

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